Ease of Travel

The boats are small, so boarding is a breeze. The scenery is constantly changing. You’ll have an up-close view of gorgeous landscapes studded with fairytale castles, vineyards, and scenic villages.

Explore multiple memorable destinations in one vacation.

River cruises offer an intimate and immersive experience for people to explore new and different cultures.


Almost all river cruises are all-inclusive. Shore excursions, wine and beer with dinner (sometimes also lunch), and soft drinks, are included in the fare. That peace of mind is very nice. Travelers have a wide selection of excursions they can choose from as part of the cruise, or they can walk off, do their own thing and have an adventure of their own.

Remarkable Itineraries!

In addition to the stunning European landscapes, imagine exploring China’s Yangtze River, the Nile River in Egypt or even the Amazon River in Brazil and Peru.


For those that like to stay closer to home consider a voyage on the mighty Mississippi, Chesapeake Bay, Erie Canal, and the magical Puget Sound and San Juan Islands.

Culinary Delights

Last, but not least, the gastronomy. There’s no better way to experience a culture than through its cuisine. Since river cruise lines have fewer passengers they can procure a bounty of local produce, seafood and meat for on-board, regionally inspired meals. Envision drinking local beers while cruising past Germany’s castles, or sipping on wine in Bordeaux from a winery visit that day.

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River cruising is a fabulous way to travel. Nothing compares to meandering down the river in your floating hotel.  Unpack just once for a relaxing stay in your spacious stateroom. The calm, inland waterways reduce the likelihood of motion sickness.

So many cities and towns were developed to be assessable by river. When you travel on a river cruise you’ll walk right off your ship to the center of town.

There are many, many reasons to love river cruising. Here are our top five:

We         River Cruising

River cruises can range anywhere from 5 – 20+ days. There are multiple cruise lines and numerous itineraries to choose from. We can help select the perfect journey based on your unique interests.

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